Clinicians & Researchers

Are you new to clinical research, or do you have funding to conduct a clinical trial in Australasia and would like to connect with other stroke trialists? The ASTN welcome you to take advantage of established network connections and become a member.

Benefits Of Membership

Build your trials portfolio?

Streamlined access to preliminary information about upcoming clinical trials endorsed by the ASTN and the opportunity to provide an early expression of interest in being involved. As a participating trial site, a thorough protocol review and budget negotiation with sponsors on your behalf. For emerging trials centres, ongoing netwrok support to help make your site “Trials Ready”

Free Review of Investigator Initiated Trials

ASTN members who are the chief investigator of an investigator initiated clinical trial, are able to submit their trial for review by the ASTN executive committee free of charge. The review includes the same thorough review of the trial protocol and assessment of feasibility. ASTN endorsed trials are advertised to the membership, increasing exposure of your study, and providing opportunity for involvement. ASTN endorsed trials are showcased on the website and at relevant stroke conferences, enabling an opportunity for investigators to provide an update on their trial, and provides a  platform to seek additional sites if required.

Grant Protocol Review

This is a new service offered to all ASTN members. The grant protocol review service is designed to support clinical trial investigators in their application for competitive grant funding. The ASTN will provide feedback regarding the design of your protocol and provide support (ASTN endorsement) for the grant application. Members are invited to submit new protocols for a thorough review and assessment of trial feasibility. A small fee applies per review and is available to members only.

Education and Training

Over the years ASTN have held regular training workshops and meetings, often associated with other regular stroke meetings.

Our goal is to encourage and support emerging stroke research units by encouraging mentorship within the network and a sharing of resources. This includes free access to certification modules commonly required by trials staff.

As a member of ASTN you are agreeing to work within our collaborative framework. If you are approached directly by a Sponsor, to provide feasibility information, please refer these enquiries to the ASTN administrator at your earliest convenicen to help this this a centralised streamline process for all members.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of ASTN you will need to be a current SSA member.

SSA Membership

If you would like to become an SSA member click on the button below. When you sign up as an SSA member, please indicate your intention to also be an ASTN member. (no additional cost)

ASTN Membership

If you are already an SSA member, and would like to become an ASTN member click the button below, or contact  us on Create Some Empty Space to make the column the same size.