Current Chairs

Associate Professor Andrew Wong
Neurologist and Stroke Physician

Associate Professor Andrew Wong is a Neurologist and Stroke Physician working in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is the director of Neurology and Stroke at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and practises privately in northern Brisbane. He has an administrative role in the wider hospital network as chair of the Metro North Hospitals and Health Service’s Neurology and Stroke substreams.

Dr Wong’s clinical and research interests are focussed on stroke, which was the subject of his PhD. His administrative involvement in stroke is broad, including being Vice President for the Australasian Stroke Academy, co-chair of the Australasian Stroke Trials Network and a committee member of the Stroke Society of Australasia. He is also actively involved in education; apart from presenting at local and national meetings, he organises various educational events for Queensland neurology registrars and consultants. He is an examiner for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Professor Leonid Churilov
Professor of Biostatistics at Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne.

Professor Churilov is Professor of Biostatistics at Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne. He completed both his BSc(Hons) (1993) and PhD (1998) degrees at the University of Melbourne.

In 2007- early 2019 he was Head of Statistics and Decision Analysis at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia. Prof Churilov co-authored over 300 publications in the areas of modelling methodology and clinical applications, including those published in New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Nature Biotechnology, as well as in top flagship journals in Neurology, Stroke, Medical Statistics, and Operations Research. He is a recipient of international and national awards from the Operational Research (OR) professional societies of the USA, Japan, and Australia, as well as a 2000 Victoria Fellowship, and NHMRC and ARC grant awards. He is a recipient of the Ren Potts Medal of the Australian Society for Operations Research that recognises outstanding contributions to theory and practice of OR. Prof Churilov is an internationally recognized expert in the use of health analytics and statistical modelling for decision support in clinical and health care systems. He is an Associate Editor of the “Operations Research for Health Care” and an Editorial Board member for four other journals. He is a Board member of the European working group for OR in Health Services (ORAHS). The outcomes of Prof Churilov’s work are used by the Australian National Stroke Foundation to inform clinical guidelines and for quality audit purposes and by Government bodies in the State of Victoria, for services planning and operations management. In his current role, Prof Churilov contributes biostatistical, health analytics, and decision modelling expertise to several large international clinical trials and to a number of smaller pre-clinical, clinical, imaging, and service evaluation studies in the areas of general neurology, stroke, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, diabetes, gynaecology, and anaesthesia. He also serves on DSMBs for many large clinical trials.