Extending the time window for Tenecteplase by Effective RecanalizatioN of bAsilar artery occLusion in patients with POSTerior circulation stroke

Lead PI:  Dr Fana Alemseged

Participating Australian and New Zealand Sites: TBC

Status: Site selection, governance submission. Recruitment to commence within 3 months.

No. of Patients Currently Recruited:                              No. of Patients Required:                                                                                             

Primary Objective: to test the hypothesis that the thrombolytic tenecteplase (TNK, 0.25mg/kg) ± thrombectomy administered within 24 hours after symptoms onset, is superior to current best practice (alteplase, rtPA, 0.9mg/kg or standard care/no lysis ± thrombectomy) in achieving excellent functional outcome (mRS 0-1) or return to the premorbid modified Rankin Scale at 90 days in patients with acute ischaemic stroke due to basilar artery occlusion.  

13 November 2021